Pineal Hologram

Pineal Hologram

When their eyes adjust to the light, they see a moving representation in the Pineal Body. It is a Pineal Hologram of the Spirit Coil centered around the Point of Consciousness. It is sideways so the Unconscious is in the peak and the Funnel of the Mushroom Ribs is in the stem of the Pineal. Memory Beads are being made.

"I wonder what it means? Who's watching the Hologram? Does anyone understand it?" Wonder demands. She half expects a watch-figure to appear, saying, "I am the Inner Eye," or "I am the Master Mind," or "I am the true self." But no one does.

Wonder asks helplessly, "Will I ever get the whole picture of consciousness?"

Bear suggests, "Maybe the Hologram shines with the Pineal Rays into the Brain Cells, so they each get the picture. They might have a way of relating it to their structure. They could relay interpretations so all have input on decisions. But I will have to agree with Jean Paul Sartre that Consciousness can not be aware of itself."

Squirrel just looks and looks as if she knows but cannot tell. "Consciousness is a function of the whole being," she says. It is as far as she can go.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 74-75

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