Pineal Lantern

The Pineal Lantern: On and Off

The waves from opposing sources create an interference pattern through which the explorers press their particles. They feel a rub on the atomic level that naturally engages their beings. It is as though gaps are checked in the spark plugs of their atoms with millions of minute feeler gauges.

Other Pineal Rays converge shortly ahead in the shadowy brain. Bear, Wonder, Squirrel and Dog arrive. They find resting places on nearby Brain Cells, sink back in luxuriant Emotions and watch the Pineal Lantern glow on and off. The darkness seems as potent a flow as the light.

They see the Pineal is the dynamic central control tower in the light-dark system drawn through the parts of Brain Cells. The parts are the Information Storage Block, Rods of Association, Tetrahedronal Light Muscle, Crosses, and Cosmic Juice Stations. The light shines into each Brain Cell as well as out. All send and receive at once.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 72-73

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