Wholeo guide, Wonder

Wholeo animated guide to the pineal lantern

The Adept guide shows what you can do with the Pineal Lantern. This is an interactive Flash movie, starting at a slow rate. Click a button and give it your all.

Buttons in this movie let you choose not only what the movie clip does, but what you do. Each clip is an inspiring metronome for your pineal lighting, spirit willing. At the bottom of the movie, click the slow, fast, or pause on button. On your keyboard, to stop the action and step through the movie frame-by-frame, repeatedly press the left or right arrow key.

slow rate slow shows pineal on an off as shown in Wonder in Aliceland and explained in the Adept guide. Say this is a normal rate for the pineal lantern.

fast rate fast doubles the rate.

pause On pause on keeps the pineal always on (not an easy thing to do). It flashes faster and never goes completely off.

get flash icon Flash 5+ plug-in is required.

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