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Superstruct game

The Superstruct Game is vast: developed and presented by the Institute for the Future. I learned about it while engaging in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Superstruct fit right in. I'm not used to seeing my work in the grand context of saving the world, but I'm trying to keep consciousness at that level, to inform my choices and my pieces of the puzzle. It was originally to end on November 17, 2008, but as of the 20th, it is still there. If it continues, I will get to know the issues better and collaborate more fully. Here are some links to how I related to the Superstruct game:

My profile: tells some things I did there (not all the things I tried). My struct: is filled out on a video entry to Reconstruct, here: (the video on this page). My profile page there is

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See also the 5-fold Expansion of Consciousness game for Superstruct. Back to the challenge page.

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