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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. A tetrahelix is a string of tetrahedrons as defined by Buckminster Fuller. This is a funky one made of pipe-cleaners, which are wires covered with fuzzy material. The edges are curved because of what it is to become.

See it twirling in space:

See it building, one side at a time:

tetlixiBar TetraHelixedtriple spinSee it with triple-spiraled faces in RGB colors. Could prevision a triple-helix DNA? For a way to use the structure, see iBar Tetrahelixed. See Matrix 2012, educing a DNA strand, creative visualization based on visions, with a tetlix.

Here is a page of notes on Buckminster Fuller's tetrahelix info and Bucky's tetrahelical DNA modeling. See tetrahedron.

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