Two Thumbs peaks

Fly Around Two Thumbs, New Zealand

On a trip to New Zealand, 1996-1997, I did art relating to the Two Thumbs, including photos of flying around the peaks and a movie of it. Ten years later, Google Earth allows me to recreate the trip, virtually flying freely around the peaks. Although this could be Travel, I put it in the Art section, because 1.) rendering of the map varies and 2.) distinctly unreal visions are soon to appear. As the camera eye moves over the scene, the resolution is better when slower. Sometimes the big white peak, Mt. Cook, blinks on and off. I call this an artistic experience.

Here it is as a Google map online. The Google Earth software is free for PC, Mac, or Linux. In it, you can fly-through in 3D: up, down, and around, turning for any point of view. Well, you can't tip sideways, as I did in the plane flight but that might just be a feature I haven't yet discovered. If you have Google Earth, download the KMZ file of the tour, click and see it on your computer. Once there, of course, you can explore on your own. Here is the movie I made of a Google Earth tour, using Snapz Pro 2.1.1 to capture the movie. Choose from these versions:

The movie starts looking down on South Island, New Zealand, centered on the middle section around the Two Thumbs range and peaks. It zooms in NW up the Rangitata Gorge to the airport at Mesopotamia Station (a sheep ranch bordering the Two Thumbs peaks). From there it goes up for a view of the convergence of rivers giving Mesopotamia its name, plus the Cloudy Peak range and Erewhon, made famous by the man who created Mesopotamia and the fictional Erewhon (nowhere backwards), the author, Samuel Butler.

Turning west, we see the entire flight path up Black Birch Creek, looking towards the highest peak in the snow-covered Southern Alps, Mt. Cook. The flight continues closer to earth gradually turning south and east for various views of the two peaks, lingering between them, and swinging around west again to end with a good view of the peaks. This presence looks like two opposed thumbs, a compelling feature, visible all along the Rangitata Gorge road, from the bend at Whiterock on.

See also a large overview image of all my placemarks in the area. Staff appears. Back to the Rangitata Rafts art page.

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