Around and up between the Two Thumbs

teacherCome along as the Expansion of Consciousness teacher flys around and up between the Two Thumbs peaks in New Zealand. These movies are about 380 KB each.

My photographs on a flight up through the Two Thumbs provide the physical basis for the movie. Changing colors and orientation from horizontal to vertical add to the artistic or spiritual lift in the movie. Start following the river; Rangitata in Maori means "river from the sky". You go up toward the alps, the high points in the country. Curve around near Cloudy Peak and D'Archiac, then look at Mt. Cook, which is the highest of all in New Zealand. The Maori know it as sacred, the god Aoraki, honor it. Keep turning the spiral path left until you see the two thumb-like peaks reaching up. Head for the cleft. There connect horizontal earth energies with vertical spiritual energies.

This is the goal, a ritual space. It will be the takeoff power point for affirmations in breath, song, and envisioning evolution.

For Flash movies, you need Flash 3 or higher. If you see the cloud below, you have Flash.

For more control, see a QuickTime movie version (you need QuickTime 4). You can move back or forth one frame at a time or loop the movie both ways.

The photographs are from my trip to New Zealand, 1996-1997. For background, see the Two Thumbs page.

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