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Web Art in New Zealand at Rangitata Rafts and Two Thumbs

On a trip to New Zealand, 1996-1997, my art focused in North Island, South Island, Rangitata Rafts and Two Thumbs, Christchurch, and the Waipoua Forest. See continuing visions at the Two Thumbs.

Rangitata Rafts is a place where you can stay and take a 3-hour white-water rafting trip through grade 5 rapids flowing down from the Southern Alps. That's not why I was there, the story is coming up.

For starters, I thought tossing yourself into a blender on the rocks was a silly thing to do. However, as the days passed while I was staying at the river base lodge, it became hard to ignore the constant stream of visitors heading out quietly and returning full of boisterous ways to yell "Cool". Such as "Brilliant" "Amazing" "Wild" "Fantastic" and so on, in languages from around the world, most of which I didn't understand. The tone was clear though--it sounded fun.

So one day I too headed out. I'm the one with the green helmet and big smile on her face, see medium or large photo.

My attention was drawn in two directions here. They are:

Previously you could visit a local online connection to the area on the road to the Two Thumbs, the Peel Forest website *.

Visions at the Two Thumbs

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