Journal on Pineal - Tuatara in NZ

November 9, 1996

Got to the zoo after noon and headed straight for the nocturnal exhibit. Wellington Zoo certainly won't place in the world contest for Zoos. It is funky and outdated. I headed straight for the noctural house, to see the kiwi. Here are my notes:

No kiwis at zoo for me, but a great tuatara contact. There he was, perfectly still. I stayed a long time in meditation. Then went to the other exhibits. I saw a weta, looking like combo Jerusalem cricket and grasshopper, also not moving. Saw Australian fruit bats, certainly the most active and viewable, entertaining exhibit. And the morepork owl, who flew and sang a lot. It flew too fast in the dark for me to see what it looked like. Still no kiwis. I waited a long time and scanned every square inch of cage for a clue. Finally I gave up.

On the way back I saw that the tuatara had not moved a bit, even though there had been several other visitors in and out. I read the sign, which described a pineal inner eye, covered with scales. It showed a top view of the skull, showing the inner eye opening on top, between the two side holes for eyes. It said the eye must be used to sense light to time sun-basking. {See a picture.}

Hmm. That was quite interesting. I thought I'd test out my pineal skills. I looked straight at the tuatara and flexed my pineal light doubletime and directed a beam at where I thought his inner eye was. Wham, the tuatara moved like a flash, his body retensed in a different position and his head was now moved from head on, to cocking his head to the left, so his right eye pointed at me. Again frozen.

Then started communication. I saw a figure, like a person (TuataraPerson) from a previous race of human-like beings. It said that they took this form {of the tuatara} on this planet, waiting for our evolution. Now we can go ahead. Got very confused with my naivete and amazement. Here on the bench outside where I'm writing the notes, someone outside the zoo is yelling and waving at me, so I yell hi. Now they are walking on towards the zoo gate.

I have forgotten a lot, but I tried to project Elobeing. Not really, but did CLB, split tan tien, Wholeo, EIE, Deneb, tried to function with 5D consciousness. O and the 2 Shamen, Keris and Kauris, going to the two thumbs and Benetron. The 2 thumbs, big piles of rocks, start to transmit at that point and the tuatara moves head this way a few degrees and flexes a toe. That seemed to be it. Xmsn over.

So I'm out in the sun, sitting on a bench, getting warm. ... Well, I'm pretty dumbfounded. That tuatara seemed so incredibly wise.

November 11, 1996

Need to remember and draw the other tuatara that was facing backwards that I discovered later and that never seemed to move. Thought that maybe the tuatara was sending to the other tuatara, up and backwards.

See also references to tuataras at the Two Thumbs and the staff.

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