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Evolution, geometric views

The geometric views in this section can be seen as progressive members of a series. You don't have to see meanings in the forms. I present the graphics as evolution of a brain cell and structures of consciousness from 3D to 5D because that's how they came to me. I remain open to any other ideas. The forms are worth attention for themselves, regardless of what they might represent.

Colored haptihedronFor example, this form might illustrate a view of the color triangle of Goethe. Geometrically, it is a rhombicuboctahedron. To me, it is the bridge between a 3D and 5D brain cell (or EIE). This section includes graphic storyboards, slide shows, and movies of two alternatives.

sphere frontMapping 5 cubes to a 5D brain cell. The EIE is a synergy, the structural synthesis of a group of five regular 3D brain cells.

Sphere EIEDirect expansion from cube to 5D brain cell. Followed by mapping 5 cubes to a transparent 5D brain cell.

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