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Imagine, Geometry -- evolving brain cell

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Evolution of a brain cell, geometric views

While looking at the first storyboard (VE-Icosa), I found a more direct transition to the expanded brain cell form. You can see either version in several formats. You can view graphics or movies.


  • Storyboard
    Small images give an overall view of evolution. You can see it all at once.
  • Slide show (JavaScript)
    Seeing the images evolve one after the other is under your control (back or forward) or automatic.


The movies require QuickTime 3. Images compressed in QuickTime have a shorter total download time than web graphics.
  • QuickTime Virtual Reality, QTVR Object movie
    The QTVR movies play automatically until you click or drag left and right.
    • VE-Icosa
      This QTVR movie is an overview. It has text labels identifying each image. You can select them in any order.
    • Direct
      This QTVR movie shows changes between the haptihedron and EIE.
  • Movie
    You can stop a movie and click to advance forward or backward like a slide show.
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