Journal on Pineal - Tuatara in NZ books

Notice the pineal-like shape of the third eye of the tuatara in this picture. These are my journal entries.

December 23, 1996

Then I went to the NZ reference books {in the library}. Right on the table was the large book, Song of Waitaha. {See the website for accurate details:} On page 10 it says Tuatara is Keeper of knowledge. The embossed frontispiece shows the tuatara in Wholeo symbol. Hmmm (see it below). A beautiful volume with lots of good drawings in color and photos. Page 13 figure. Tuatara stood alone with 2 bright eyes and a third that opens only to another world.

embossed frontespiece

Wholeo and Tute clarified I've clarified the drawing. The black shape is the Wholeo symbol. The white shape is the tuatara.

Notes from Song of the Stone by Barry Brailsford, 1995.

Page 65:

"I well remember Derek's struggle to design the marvelous tuatara engraving that protects the knowledge within 'Song of Waitaha'. He desperately wanted to see existing Waitaha carvings to understand the style but was denied access to them by the elders. The Kaumatua {Maori spiritual leader} simply said ...

'No one can speak to you of this. No existing carving can give you the answers you seek. You already know its shape and meaning. That knowledge is within you.'

"Eventually Derek went to the West Coast to think about the tuatara. There he found the space to see it in all its power."

Page 168

"The Trail of the Tuatara. In the Lands of the Standing Stones

'Listen to the sacred spirit of the winds, the voices of the old ones long gone from us.'

"The spirit of the old one, the tuatara, guides us on this trail. This wonderful creature, born of the age of the dinosaurs, opens the way to the most ancient of knowledge. Its third eye, now hidden from most of us, sees into realms that join with the stars. When we think of tuatara we remember our dead, those now gone from us but ever present in memory. For when the spirit departs this world it passes tuatara on its way to the stars from whence it came."

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