Eclipse at Everglades Tower

Looking out from the center of a tower in the middle of the Florida Everglades, spin around three times. Imagine a lizard array assembling, the lunar eclipse happening, and the array fading away. I call it a "lizard array" when I envision lizard-like beings aligned in meditation. The ones that appear here are Google Sketchup models of a crocodile but they look enough like the local alligators for our purpose. Alligators will do. On 2008-02-20 I took the photographic part of the movie from the Shark Valley observation tower around noon. The pictures of the lunar eclipse that night are from Wikipedia.

This movie requires QuickTime 7+, available at Alternatively, see a smaller, Flash, YouTube version. See images and movies from the trip on the Everglades, Florida, USA travel page. See also Everglades art. For the next movie in a series, see From Everglades to Staff, where the lizards fly over the ocean to congregate at the staff between the Two Thumbs peaks in New Zealand.

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