Eclipse at Everglades Tower

Looking out from the center of a tower in the middle of the Florida Everglades, spin around three times. Imagine a lizard array assembling, the lunar eclipse happening, and the array fading away. I call it a "lizard array" when I envision lizard-like beings aligned in meditation. The ones that appear here are Google Sketchup models of a crocodile but they look enough like the local alligators for our purpose. Alligators will do. On 2008-02-20 I took the photographic part of the movie from the Shark Valley observation tower around noon. The pictures of the lunar eclipse that night are from Wikipedia.

See images and movies from the trip on the Everglades, Florida, USA travel page. See also Everglades art. For the next movie in a series, see From Everglades to Staff, where the lizards fly over the ocean to congregate at the staff between the Two Thumbs peaks in New Zealand.

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