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June 19-21, SOLSTICE. 
Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos, NEW MEXICO, USA. 
Grandmothers Circle - A Spiritual Gathering. 
Join us for camping, community, healing & ceremony at ancient Anasazi sites. 
Wisdom teachings: Earth mysteries, prophecies and visions, indigenous ways,
healing work, and more. If you can't attend in person, contact us for details
on joining us for ceremony on the "energy web." 
Tel: 719-685-5282. 

This is a special invitation to our Spiritual Friends & Soul Relations... A Call to People of the Heart... Regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, we hope you'll consider joining us (in person or on the "energy web") for an upcoming Grandmothers Circle. These are spiritual gatherings featuring powerful learning experiences, activations, healing and ceremony at sacred sites. Spiritual Grandmothers have gifted us with many wisdom teachings and loving direction to gather together on this sacred land of our ancestors in the Four Corners region of the U.S. The message we carry is simple. It's time to build community. It's time to heal ourselves and our relationships. It's time to re-connect with the Earth Mother and assist in her transition. It's time to remember who we are and why we came here. This is what we do during the Grandmothers Circle experience. Our first gathering - on Mother's Day weekend at Garden of the Gods in Colorado - was powerful beyond our wildest dreams. For these gatherings, we come together to learn for a day or two, then anchor our learning and healing with ceremony on sacred ground. All who come are invited to join in prayer, meditation, music and dance to glorify the Creator (God/Goddess/Source/All Being...whatever your tradition) and the beauty of this Creation. The next two gatherings planned for this summer are... June 19-21, 1999 - Summer Solstice - Bandelier National Monument - Los Alamos, NM, USA August 9-11, 1999 - Solar Eclipse/Grand Fixed Cross Alignment - Chaco Canyon, northwest NM, USA We invite you to join us for camping, community, healing & ceremony at these ancient Anasazi sites. Wisdom teachings include Earth mysteries, prophecies and visions, indigenous ways, future vision, charting your destiny, freedom and sovereignty. The gathering will also feature various forms of healing work including energy and bodywork, heart activations and cellular memory retrieval. All spiritual and healing traditions are welcomed and honored. Limited campsites are available. Fee is $70/person or $125/pair (couples, friends, whatever). Kids are free (please plan to be responsible for your own). RSVP to Allison & Gary, 719-685-5282. E-mail: If you can't join us in person, please consider connecting with us in prayer during ceremony on the final day of each gathering. You make a difference when you participate in this way, and we welcome your love and energy. Please write us with your name and location. We carry the names with us to ceremony to ground the connection in the physical. If you choose to do a specific ceremony of your own simultaneously, please let us know that, too. We'd also appreciate your passing along this message to others of like heart. These Grandmothers Circles will be held throughout the U.S. in 1999 and 2000 around various sacred sites. If you feel called to host or help coordinate a gathering, please let us know. We hope to see you soon. Mitakuye Oyasin! In love & light, Allison Smith & Gary Rogers - Colorado, USA

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