Caroling -- Season's Greetings, Solstice, June 1999

Inner eye model

On June 21, 1999, the solstice happens at 1949UTC (Universal Time). In California, USA, the solstice moment is 12:49 PM PDT. Here's a map.

Gateway of Dreams at the Gaia Point

candle topAn immersive art project happens on the solstice. I'm ready with a baseline movie. I lifted the June, 1998, solstice photographs into an expanded environment. At the solstice time, I am adding the visions that come to the movie. It is a solstice improvisation.

For more info, see a Wrinkle in Time, Wrinkle links. For existing Wholeo Online wrinkly sites, see the Wrinkle path.

Global Meditations

Global Meditations lists many solstice events. Here is one that reaches out to me:


Also I support the Earth Link Mission StarGate. See, for details, as they become available. The focus is at both Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and in Cape Town in South Africa. Meditation for the star gate begins 12 days before and continues for 12 days after the solstice. Here is a series of stops around the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel, one for each day. They wind around and into the center of the wheel for the solstice, then around and out of the wheel to close the star gate and our energy involvement. You can start anytime between now and July 3, the last day.

On this page, the background photo is from the Bristlecone National Forest, looking North at the White Mountains. See it and resize it to any window size.

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