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candlecandle These pages are to give flight to your imagination. The Gaia Point is the Wholeo earth centering point. It is made up of Mt. Shasta (CA, USA), Owens Valley (CA, Sierras and White mts.), Machu Picchu (Peru), and Two Thumbs (New Zealand). Here they cluster as they did long ago as a single continent in Pangaea. The gateway sculpture virtually transports to the Gaia Point to complete the setting. Visions of colors happen at the June solstice, 1999. See movies or graphics of the setting and the happening. Also, see details about the project, why, how, what, and where.

Gaia Point gateway and the colors

invocation to gate

This is a Wrinkle project for the June solstice, 1999. Comments, thanks to a few people who tune in and tell me.

For background, see Gaia Point. The sculpture is an outer gate for the Gaia Point in Silicon Valley, called the "Gateway of Dreams". In July, dancers appear in the rift.

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