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candlecandleThis page tells the details about the June 1999 solstice project. The Gaia Point is the Wholeo earth centering point. Here is the gateway and Mt. Shasta, Owens Valley, California, Peru, and New Zealand. I can't answer the question, "Why?" at the moment, but can tell how I did what. For information about the setting, see Where?.

The morning of the solstice, June 21, 1999, I start work preparing. The wrinkle sync time is just after noon from 12:46-12:49 p.m. PDT. A "wrinkle sync" is when immersive imaging developers scattered around the globe all create something at the same moment, the moment of the solstice or equinox. To "create" is to capture photographs or create graphics as source images. Then each develops an immersive experience to be presented on the computer, on the Web as part of the ongoing project, A Wrinkle in Time.

Two variations are possible. The wave and the free shoot. To participate in the wrinkle "wave", create the source images at high noon on the day of the solstice where you are. To participate in the "free" wrinkle, create whenever you want on the day of the solstice. I do all three. The object movie from the sync wrinkle is the main one. However, I start selecting images in the morning and work with them right through the wave and the sync.

Free Wrinkle

Here are the free wrinkle results of the morning, the tetrahedrons. Here are some backgrounds based on the free tets: 1, 2, and 3.

The first yellow triangle is the bottom face of the tetrahedron. One by one, the other three faces open and flatten out. Then they swirl left and right. Ganging together, they can fill allspace, in a flat plane, that is. Somewhere in here, the wave wrinkle happens. But I'm too busy to notice. I must rest before sync time.

Sync Wrinkle

I'm ready with the movie, "Gateway of Dreams at Gaia Point". Behind the gate, to the north, hovers a bevy of colors. I call them colored light spirits. At sync time, I see (imagine) the colors advance and escort the tetrahedron to the charged space between the gate space. Before the gate splits, it too is a tetrahedron. The feeling is a celebration of birth and where we all come from and where we are going. The colors come all the way in and then retreat, like an ocean wave washing a tetrahedron into the shore and out again to sea.

Although I see visions of the graphics at sync time, it takes a few hours to complete them. It takes days to create the movies and slide shows for the wrinkle presentation. It takes a week to finish the web pages.

Here are the movies that rise and fall along the way:

Way too technical picky details

Graphics: Adobe PhotoShop 5.0.2 and Adobe ImageReadyTM 1.0.1.Movies: QTVR Authoring Studio 1.1 (QTVRAS). Photos, June solstice 1998 source. After the experiments shown above, the final tweaks came to the solstice movie.

In a QTVRAS project, create an object movie. 20 graphics rearranged from order of names. Settings: Mouse scale factor (msf), change from 180 to 360, so can drag the whole scene, all frames in one pass across the picture. Then changed msf to 18 (360/20=18) to get the auto rotate little arrow that appears about 3/8" from either edge, to make the changes acceptably slow. Changed to kind of object: scene, so have the arrows, not the hand. In colorsSolst3, under Define Object, change from 10 to 18 degrees, can't see a difference. In colorsSolst4 changed Horizontal controls turned Wrap off. That keeps the end flow from jumping back to the beginning. Also reversed the order of wrap. Now it spins forward when drag to right, backward to left. Finally I turned on Auto-Play views and checked Loop Back andForth.

In the project, create a scene. Drag the movie into the white area. Create a blob. Name blob. Create one way link from movie icon to blob. Name the link. Edit hot spots. Put one hot spot rectangle over start of movie and one over end. Save. Settings. Nothing special. Make scene. Locks up at about the 5th frame. Restart computer. Try this over and over again. Decide not to use hot spots.

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