Comments on the Gaia Point Gateway and Wrinkle 7

candlecandle These pages are to give flight to your imagination. The Gaia Point is the Wholeo earth centering point. Here is the gateway and Mt. Shasta, Owens Valley, California, Peru, and New Zealand. These comments are from people sharing the same event, June solstice 1999, Wrinkle 7.

colors to gateway

Solstice wakeup **POP**

"I missed the solstice moment - but I don't think it missed me, that is I think it came after me ;-)

Here's a weird one for you Carol:

At some indeterminant time after 4:35am and before 6am (I have this strange feeling it was probably around 5:49 Tues morning local time - Solstice according to Baron's map) I was woken from a light slumber by a loud noise, like a "POP" of a heavy balloon, or a big camera shutter (like my old MamiyaRB67??), that I heard and FELT about an inch above and 1/2 inch IN from my left ear!?!?!?!

This sensation inside my head was most unlike any house-settling, car backfiring, or odd background noise I've ever experienced. It wasn't until 6:11 when I surfaced enough to realise what day it was that I remembered this was the solstice, and I'd missed it ... or had I ..."

Powerful arrangement

"I looked at this mind-blowing arrangement of yours. It's very powerful. I see a creative life force flying in the sky, a 2001 kind of tabula rasa singularity flying out of the earth, and an alpine ghost dance field shimmering all around."


"You've really outdone yourself. I love the sculpture/installaton/vision/environment that you've created. A favorite is the image with the line of light across the grass to the street. Marvelous.
I celebrate with you this longest day of the year on beautiful Gaia. You help bring us back to the center of ourselves.
One thing: where is the sculpture?"

{Response: at the corner of El Camino Real and Matilde Ave., Sunnyvale, California, USA}

This is a Wrinkle project for the June solstice, 1999.

For background, see Gaia Point. There is an outer gate for the Gaia Point in Silicon Valley, called the "Gateway of Dreams". Visit there in pictures and movies.

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