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Wrinkle means QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movies created by artists, photographers, and producers all around the earth, at specifically synchronized times. Other kinds of immersive images appear from March, 1999 on. Learn about the wrinkle movies, view them, or participate. This page has links for web sites, clocks on timezone maps, database, events, email list and forum, and contacts for Wrinkle projects. The idea for the event, a Wrinkle in Time, was created and developed by Robert Abbett (inspired by the book, Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L'Engle).

Note: As of May, 1999, I'm changing the numbering of Wrinkle projects to match the database. Here is a table of Wrinkle labels. Starting in 2000, event UTC (universal time) is here too.

A Wrinkle in Time projects
Number Month Year Event
1 December 1997 solstice
2 March 1998 equinox
3 June 1998 solstice
4 September 1998 equinox
5 December 1998 solstice
6 March 1999 equinox
7 June 1999 solstice
8 September 1999 equinox
9 December 1999 solstice

December 31, 1999 - January 1, 2000 Year 2000
10 March 20 2000 equinox at 07:35 UTC
11 June 21 2000 solstice at 01:48 UTC
12 September 22 2000 equinox at 17:27 UTC
13 December 21 2000 solstice at 13:37 UTC

Some viewers for different kinds of immersive images are QuickTime 2 or higher, LivePicture, Java, SmoothMove, or IPIX.

Web sites

Wrinkle 1, December solstice, 1997

Wrinkle 1 information and viewing at http://hotspotshawaii.com/wrinkle.html.

Wrinkle 2, March equinox, 1998

Wrinkle 2 viewing at: http://www.hotspotshawaii.com/wrinkleintime/wrinkle2/wrinkle/index.html.

Wrinkle 5, December solstice, 1998

Wrinkle 5 entry is at http://www.misterat.com/wrinkle/index1.html. But you can't see anything there. Wrinkle 5 is also known as Wrinkle 3. That is when it is published as the successor to Wrinkle 2. Wrinkle 3 will be published.

Tip. If you have trouble uploading movies to Misterat.com, enable the cookies in your browser (cookies are used for storing your access permission).

Wrinkle 6 and more, continuing

See clocks for time help through 2001. See events for listings.

If you

  1. shoot at the time of the event (sync shoot) or at noon that day (wave shoot), or even freestyle, and
  2. can post one or more QTVRs (or other immersive imaging) to the web, then
  3. get on the master links page for Wrinkles. See the database section for information.

wrinkle in time, Year 2000

The main site is http://wrinkleintime.org/. See also, descriptions of the entries.


Baron Sekiya prepared and hosts world maps with clocks in several timezones for Wrinkle In Time events through the year 2001. See http://www.hawaiistore.com/wrinkle/.

Database - WrinkleBase

The WrinkleBase is at http://www.m3web.com/wrinklebase.html. It is a master links page or database of entries in Wrinkle projects. It is not yet complete. Come on folks, it is up to you to enter the data.

To be part of the WrinkleBase database, send email to equinox@m3web.com. You get an autoresponse, telling how to send information about your URLs. If you have any problem, contact Joel Smith: joel@m3web.com. If you create movies and don't have a web site, there is free space available. Sign up and state what you need. In addition to the March, 1999 equinox, the links cover two previous shoots that haven't been published (June 1998 solstice and September 1998 equinox) and all previous and following shoots. In other words, one base covers all wrinkles. Keep in touch with the story of the shoot on the Wrinkle in Time Producer's List.

See also the database for the View 2000 project, a QTVR-a-month for the year 2000.


Email list and forum

The Wrinkle in Time Producer's List is an email way to exchange information and comments about Wrinkle events and projects. It is restricted to actual events so as not to overburden the server. For broad, unlimited discussion of Wrinkle and related topics, join the forum. (It will be down for a few weeks in August, 1999)

Forum - Wrinkle in general

See the online threaded message forum web page at http://walaau.hotspotshawaii.com/interaction$/forum/wrinkle. This forum is sponsored by Robert Abbett, the creator of the Wrinkle project. All messages are archived.

Email list - Wrinkle specifics only

For the Wrinkle email list, send email to:


to subscribe, put in the BODY of the msg:

subscribe wrinkle

- or -

subscribe digest wrinkle

to get a list of all commands, put in the BODY of the message:



For Wrinkle 1, Wrinkle 2, Wrinkle 3, and wrinkle year 2000, email Robert Abbett at rabbett@irh.com.

For entry into the WrinkleBase database, email joel@m3web.com.

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