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These are brief descriptions of the QTVRs in wrinkle 2000. Each description is numbered in the alphabetical order of entrant's name. The description includes the place and some details to distinguish one from another. The descriptions are by Caroling, as objective as possible. But the descriptions are personal and not connected to the original wrinkle 2000 site or any of its mirrors.

The movies come from around the world and the source material was all created on January 1, 2000. See wrinkle 2000 at http://www.wrinkleintime.org. There are almost 100 entries in all.

  1. Gary Alexander - London, UK streets at parade time, with street sounds.
  2. Grant Carpenter and Mike Alexander - Botanical garden clock reads 12:04 (midnight) in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Friends appear repeatedly with signs.
  3. Markus Altendorff - Steel mill in Germany with sounds, sign, and story of its struggle.
  4. Jim Arthur - The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs invited two people from every country to celebrate the millennium and global brotherhood. This is some of them in a ring. USA.
  5. Joe Azzato - Water, grass, and building skyline called "Auditorium Shores" in Austin, Texas, USA.
  6. Don Bain - Morning-after the millennium litter on the grass at the Embarcadero Park, San Francisco, USA.
  7. Andrew Cameron Bairnsfather - Loud fountain in a night view of a college campus in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
  8. Dick Barton - Vast ocean sandy shore and monster pier shading us from the dazzling sun at Manhattan Beach in California, USA.
  9. Landis Bennett - Tussocky dunes and ocean waves near Bodega Bay in Sonoma Coast State Beach, California, USA.
  10. Bob Bilsland - People roaming grassy hill, the top of the Worcestershire Beacon, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, England.
  11. Kenneth G. Binns - A park with gazebo and bench with lovers in Adelaide, Australia.
  12. Bob Blankenship - Saturn V rocket vehicle at the Alabama Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, USA. You can see the top of the rocket and hear speeches by John F. Kennedy and the man on the moon.
  13. Irene Blueth , with original music by Chai Duncan - Unspoiled shoreline at Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada. Click hotspot for red leaf escort.
  14. Danny Boardman - Hastings, UK, the old town and new town in setting of hills, sea, and sky.
  15. Goran Boardy - Sounds of bells and footsteps on the cobblestones take you right into the streets with houses of Klippan, Goteborg, Sweden.
  16. Marcus Bointon - Fireworks event that was broadcast around the world. British Gas Millennium party at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, England. You can see many individual people in the huge crowd at night.
  17. Birger Borgwardt - Thought-provoking poem on time, showing there are lights at the ends of the tunnel and moire patterns in between. Denmark.
  18. Michael Bosch - Get the point of view from inside a pinball machine, complete with sounds. Michigan, USA.
  19. Mark Boszko - Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, to the roar of the heat pump, more dark than light in the doorway of the house.
  20. Florian Brenner - Two panoramas together show the fireworks by night and snowy alps mountains by day of Innsbruck, Tirol, Europe.
  21. Ray Broussard - New Orleans, USA, colorful characteristic people in the streets with history, text labels, and popup information. Accompanied by a digitally-plucked Auld Lang Syne tune.
  22. Guillaume Brown - Gale force storm damage with blown-over trees in the ForÉt de Versailles, France.
  23. Eric Carlson - On the street corner looking into Peet's Coffee shop, Berkeley California, USA.
  24. David Carruthers - An endless, enchanting wall of water at Sutton-On-Sea, Lincolnshire, England.
  25. Francine Champagne - The Y2K Beetle at a car dealership in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  26. Dave Clark - Wintry scene on a ski slope in the Rocky Mountains at Vail, Colorado, USA.
  27. Steven M. Cox - On a road flanked with gravestones of war veterans going through the Mountain Home National Cemetery. Has a custom controller bar and slides show details. Johnson City, Tennessee USA.
  28. Matt Craig - People looking at the sunset from Mount Lofty, Adelaide, South Australia.
  29. Andrew Crawford - "Age Old Superstitions" appear as rock art of Hieroglyphic Canyon touched by sun and desert haze, facing residential development in the distance. Arizona, USA.
  30. Blaine Fergerstrom - "Hauoli Makahiki Elua-K!!" , Hawaiian for "Happy Year 2-K!!" with firecracker sounds and sights and smoke right before yours eyes in a driveway. Honolulu, Hawaii.
  31. Jean-Louis Fourtanier - Port-Pin calanques de Cassis, France is a remote shoreline on the mediterranean, the country of his great-great-great-grandparents.
  32. Richard Fox - People at the rock-strewn top of the highest mountain in Australia, which is Mt. Kosciusko, New South Wales.
  33. Martin Frech - Dorfplatz Marienfelde (Berlin, Germany) is a grassy center surrounded by bare trees and neat buildings. As the pano turns, a music box tinkles and someone cries out.
  34. Jim Galvin - Says the Statue Of Liberty, Liberty Island, USA, is "self-explanatory".
  35. Caroling Geary - Visions of Wholeo and Aura pop up over the color bell ring of stones in the Great Spirit Path at San Francisco Bay, USA.
  36. Geoff Jagoe & Barb de la Hunty - Point Walter Spit, Bicton, Western Australia surrounds you with the soft splash of waves up to your ears, where birdsong adds poinance to the sun's last rays on the sand.
  37. Erik Goetze - A sunset at Point Lobos, Big Sur, USA adds to the tradition of Edward Weston, the early photographer that roamed this wild coast.
  38. Tom Green - In "children are our future" we peek in and eavesdrop on small brothers at play in Addison, Michigan, USA.
  39. Steve Haan - Looks out from the deck of his house over branches, evergreen trees, and fields covered in soft, blue, deep snow in OldTown, Idaho, USA.
  40. Stephen Hamilton - A memorial lighthouse tower is decorated with unlit strings of holiday lights at the edge of the sea in Trinidad, California, USA.
  41. Wayne Harrison - Winter fishing at the confluence of the South Platte River and Horse Creek in Deckers, Colorado, USA.
  42. Federico Hausberger - Explains the special features of the area in Espanol (Spanish) and English. Here is a city square in Catamarca, Argentina.
  43. Jim Heid - Braved plate tectonic crumbling of the ocean coast, climbed the ecological stairway, and composed music too, at Navarro Point, Mendocino County, CA, USA.
  44. Anthony Helm - At the bleak, deserted Nukazuka Village Tourist area of Yuwa Town, Akita Prefecture, Japan.
  45. Alex Ho - Catches the just-before and the just-after-midnight crowd. You can tell the difference by the flares. Two scenes in the same spin at the Changi Sailing Club, Singapore.
  46. Mark Hobson - Yet another panorama right on the edge of water, the Chicago Skyline from the Grant Park Museum Complex, USA.
  47. Terence Hogben - Presents two Zulu boys on the road in the green countryside that is close to the birthplace of his father. The place is called Giants Castle/Kwazulu Natal/South Africa.
  48. David Holst - A time capsule portrait and a few words from the pastor of the Hope Community Church, Springfield, Missouri, USA.
  49. Dave Jaksha - Millennium revelers looking seaward near "Teta de Cabra", a prominent mountain used by many sailors as a landmark. San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.
  50. Liesbeth Jense - Swiss jodle songs chorus in the misty, very snowy mountains of an Alpine village at dawn. Good to breathe it in. Kiental, Switzerland.
  51. Tomas Johanson - Snug view of the interior of his mobile home, with views from the windows in Huskvarna, Sweden.
  52. Karl Johnson - Looks at the gazebo for watching bald eagles, who might be watching us from yon nest (check out the close-up view) in Barr Lake State Park, Denver, Colorado, USA.
  53. Hans Karlsson - There are lights, signs, buildings, people, and cars in this city crossing but it is relatively deserted for Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
  54. Patrick Kelley - In the whitened winter woods, bare branches support a banner with profound quote in Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota, USA.
  55. Markus Krueger - The partially-manifesting host cruises around in the lower left corner while family and friends eat in a kitchen in Ehrentrup, Germany.
  56. Richard Lainhart & Caroline Meyers - Scarlet sunsetting rays paint everyone and everything red at Perkins Memorial Tower, Bear Mountain State Park, New York, USA.
  57. Bob Laughton - Plucks banjo music and reveals a wrinkle message on the Black Bart Trail, Lake Mendocino, California, USA
  58. Ilona Lemke - Benches, railings, and walkways with nothing but mist over the reservoir at the Baldeneysee in Essen, Germany
  59. Jook Leung - Flight deck of the USS INTREPID, which is carrying aircraft on the river, New York City, NY, USA.
  60. Paco Lorente - A colorful montage of children tossing balls at cartooned walls with a window opened to the sun rising over the mediterranean sea and the city, into the room. Valencia, Spain.
  61. Ron Lubensky - Dock workplace at waters-edge, in saturated colors at Port of Melbourne, Australia.
  62. Andy Mack - On land "reclaimed from the sea" is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, China
  63. Christopher Mackay - Casually partying friends with New Year drinks and several TVs in sight. Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.
  64. Andrew Mann - Rocky hills. Flood waters still not gone from Cuckmere Valley, South Downs, England.
  65. Oliver Mann - People wading and swimming in the water by a black, volcanic sand beach at LaPalma, Canary Islands.
  66. G2 Meyer - Wetlands by the water that looks endless but is San Francisco Bay, California, USA.
  67. John Mitchener - Historical ships sailing on water tanks seem far distant from the desert landscape in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.
  68. T Molnar - Glockenspiel chimes over still blue snow where globe lanterns seem warm. Wascana Park, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  69. Stuart Moore - Stages and projection equipment from the new year celebration, flags, monuments, people, and pets line the promenade. Plymouth Hoe, UK.
  70. Mohamed Mostafa Morsy - Mosaic walls and wrought railing are the foreground for an overview of the city from a 187-meter tower in Cairo, Egypt.
  71. John Paraskevas - A statue and festival card lend a storybook quality to this historical site. Port Jefferson, New York, USA.
  72. Claude Pauquet - Trees are down, unearthing large clumps of dirt beside the road. Five days after a hurricane in Marais Poitevin, France.
  73. Mats Persson - A snowy neighborhood landscape faces off with the Kosta glass-works building in the small town of Kosta, Sweden.
  74. Jeffrey M. Phillips - Good thing there is no wind in the American Wind Power Center, Lubbock, Texas, USA. Otherwise this collection of fins, windmills, and wind-catchers would blur or take off.
  75. Loren Price - A special wrinkle in time crosses the line into an old panorama of the mission as it was in 1926 and then returns to the mission as it is now, set in San Juan Capistrano, California, USA. On January 1, 2100, will someone will spin the mission again and include these two?
  76. Michael Quan - The "Big Dig" is a construction project that looks like it is starting from the very bottom and reconstructing everything in historic Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  77. Tony Quinn - The sound track calls out "Caution 2-way traffic" in the City Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. The caution does not apply to spinning the panorama.
  78. Rabbett - Tranquil turquoise sea, sand, a fisherman with head between islands, a house with roof under mountain, attune to nature in many peaks at Lanikai Beach, Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i.
  79. Clive Richards - The text explains that this hill in a sparsely settled countryside is earthworks that was inhabited before the last millennium at the Iron Age fort, Newport, South Wales, UK.
  80. Rich Ryan - Skaters on a large ice rink surrounded by lighted city buildings of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
  81. Robert Serra - Viewing fireworks (or city lights) over Manhattan from a riverside cafe in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
  82. Joel Smith - Crisp stately columns of classic architecture line the spacious lawn, as if brought to attention by the sounds of chapel bells. University of Virginia at Charlottesville, USA.
  83. Ben Soffa - A captial city scene with remnants of a large millennium celebration, such as huge screens, and crowds at a fun fair in Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  84. Phil Suessenguth - The cold, wan light of day reveals the city center site of the fireworks scene in Sebastian Wenleder's panorama. Right down to the sidewalk. Munich, Germany,
  85. Kelly Thomas - Happy family and friends gather close to the camera in a tight-knit circle. Carbondale, Illinois, USA.
  86. Alexy Trusov - The "Millennium of Russia Memorial" sculpture was unveiled in 1862, seen here at night, across from an ancient stone cathedral. Veliky, Novgorod, Russia.
  87. John Turkel - A beautiful tropical resort scene of bathers at White Beach, Boracay, Philippines.
  88. Tracy Valleau - Friends at a restaurant implanted at the edge of a cliff overlooking the rugged ocean shore in Big Sur, California, USA. Welcoming incoming rain.
  89. Gerard van den Elzen - Hold on to your chair for a rough ride around the living room. Until you can stop the hangover effect somehow. You might see a text screen explaining this or a bottle at the right, or you might not. Hamm-Drechen, Germany.
  90. Jan van der Woning - Claimed to be the first panorama of the new millennium made in the Netherlands, taken on the roof of the science museum in Amsterdam, New Metropolis, with fireworks.
  91. Frans van Lent - Overlooking the Groothoofd, where rivers meet, a city street scene at water's edge. Kuipershaven in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.
  92. Ed Walker & John Minton - Starts out as two diagonal stripes and pans across abstract patterns of pixels, a really interesting way to view reality. Zoomed out or is it in, a visual fugue of ups and downs and acrosses and tilts. Called "Christmas Steps", Bristol, UK.
  93. Harald Walker - The town square around the church in Toenisvorst, Germany.
  94. Carrington Weems - The dinner table at Carrington's is very inviting, centered on the Paella, with the guests around. Austin, Texas, USA.
  95. Sebastian Wenleder - Here are the brilliant explosions of fireworks in sight and sound and the cheers of a crowd. But where are all the people? See the other part of the Creative Construction Crew, Phil Suessenguth, for the light of day. Munich, Germany
  96. Kathy Wheeler - A lovely suburburban scene with times above and inserts below. The inserts are birds, flowers, bees, children, cats, and such, taken every hour to show a day in the life of this panographer in Lavington, Australia.
  97. Horst Wieser - Grim documentation of the crematorium at Dachau: Concentration Camp Memorial Site. Germany.
  98. Edwin Wildeboer - A wild buzzard screams, the text tells that the stones are for people transported to concentration camps from this transit site in Kamp Westerbork, Hooghalen, the Netherlands.

There are several recurring themes, including: water, my family and friends, the place where I live, city celebrations (some live and some the day after), millennium social issues, creativity with the medium, and first or last sunset or dawn.

To my eye, the most common thread of all was the edge between land and water. There were about 50 tripods with at least one wet foot that day. So would that be evolution, looking back to our watery depths, looking at what we've done to the land, feeling between? Between the inevitable consequences of our past and the uncertain hope to do better from now on. We feel free to take a look all around.

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