Great Spirit Path Stone Poem

The Great Spirit Path is called a stone poem. Find it by the San Francisco bay in Bayfront Park at the Marsh Road exit from Highway 101 in Menlo Park, California. Be careful not to take a right turn after the exit, or you will be on the Dunbarton Bridge over the bay. Instead, go straight through the traffic lights into the park. See wetlands being reclaimed from the hills that for many years were a garbage dump. On the many trails, people run, walk, and ride bikes, enjoying gusty winds.

At the beginning of the stone poem path, take a brochure that tells how the author/artist S.C. Dunlap got the idea, wrote the poem, and clustered the rocks, from 1981 to 1985. There are 53 clusters, one for each word clump in the poem. The poem begins at the west edge of the park and progresses to the east. The biggest and last is "to the Great Spirit everywhere". You enter the medicine wheel of rocks from an opening in the west.

The view is looking west from the the hill above the wheel.

  • Wrinkle 8, September equinox, 1999
  • wrinkle 2000, turn of the century and start of countdown to the change of the millennium.
  • Wrinkle 10, March equinox, 2000

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