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Wholeo Online - View 2000 ,
a QTVR-a-month
Path Outline

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View 2000, is a QTVR-a-month by producers around the world. Here at Wholeo Online, the View 2000 project is an entry to Prix Ars Electronica and a subset of Caroling's wrinkles for the year 2000. Wrinkles happen four times a year at the solstices and equinoxes in March, June, September, and December. The View 2000 project adds eight more months for a total of 12 global group QTVR events in the year 2000. A database (not here) collects information about all the View 2000 entries, mine and the rest. To see mine, you need QuickTime 4, because it handles Flash 3 tracks too. On this page, see the concept, content, icon, calendar, technical details, and links.

On the Prix Ars Electronica View 2000 page, you might have to refresh or reload the movie to see the QTVR behind the letters. Here's a link to the main page in Europe.


My idea in View2000 is to look around sacred space as it is here in the year 2000 and at the same time, record and express visions that come. Immersive artforms, such as QuickTime Virtual Reality, combine photographic panoramas, animations, and objects that spin - putting you at the center, at a point in a 3D space. The views appear as inspired and speak to intuition. From then on, I link elements to explanatory information, grounding and making it more usable.

An important feature is to add my work to others around the world, together expressing sights in a larger spin of earth at this time. That is for the collective project, View2000.


You find View 2000 entries in several parts of Wholeo Online. It will be complete after the December solstice, 2000. The chronological list is an index to the page links. The page links are a site map.
  1. January Color Bell at Great Spirit Path for wrinkle 2000
  2. February Mischievous Salamander Dreaming Color Again at Foothills Park
  3. March Chakras Telling Colors
  4. April Cosmic Chakra Bell
  5. May Outer and Inner at Foothills Park
  6. June Bench Tree at Foothills Park near solstice
  7. July Color winds at Great Spirit path
  8. August Light in the woods at Foothills Park
  9. September Plants in Mountain View
  10. October Turn and Return, Bishop, California
  11. November Computer Signal
  12. December Lookout Mars






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Click the View 2000 icon from any View 2000 page to navigate the View 2000 path. The inner circle brings you to this page for the description. The numbers around the outside link to the months of the year. Each month of the year brings another number into action. As of April, 2000, numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 are live. At the end of December, 2000, all 12 numbers will be in action.


Here's a way to step through the months with a popup calendar. For each month, click the View2000 logo to go to the main database of all entries in the project. Click the arrows to move back and forth through time, from month to month, on Wholeo Online, this site.

KathyW art

View2000 logo and supporting graphics © 2000 KathyW

Technical details

Raw materials are photographic prints and slides of people and objects scanned into a Macintosh G4 PPC. Following is a list of software and what I do with it. Apple Computer's QuickTime Virtual Reality Authoring Studio (QTVRAS) and QuickTime Pro to stitch together images and create movies. Macromedia's Flash 5 to work with graphics and add to the movies. Adobe Photoshop 6 to creatively enhance the photographs or other art before and after stitching in QTVRAS or import into Flash. Dreamweaver 3 to edit web pages. Various Java applets and browser plug-ins to view spherical images.


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