Almost new moon on 8-20-2017

Day before the eclipse, an almost-new moon

Solar Eclipse 2017 Meditation

Here are notes when anticipating the eclipse. On 8-21I sat in meditation twice and am working on a report. See the weB log.

If weather had not permited roaming in the eclipse, I would have practiced seated meditation and visionary meditation under a roof. Actually, it was the best choice for sitting during eclipse maximum. Although the light changed somewhat, my attention was focused inward, aligning with and attuning to the union of the heavenly bodies of earth, sun, and moon.


8-7 Full moon lunar eclipse opening double eclipse portal until the new moon solar eclipse on 8/21. Who said that? There is a partial lunar eclipse visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, or Antarctica. Event lasts 5 hours.

8-16 I watched a live online presentation by Gaiafield. The Peruvian shaman (a curandero, don Oscar Miro-Quesada) didn't look very South American to me. Talked like a gringo, looked like Castilian or North American. But had the presence of an eagle, maybe condor. Sharp intense beady eyes. Hawk nose. Straight mouth. Definitely exuding a warrior of the spirit. Convincing thing he did was to have us breathe way out first. Cleansing, before inhale.

Best part was the idea that the eclipse is a time for spiritual development when the shadow self is united with the light self. He was about building a light body which I've gone beyond or let go. Following are uncorrected notes from the presentation. Mamapia is mother moon. Expression of their equality. Transform duality. Portal. Reconciling solar/lunar. Kanchay light. Munay love. To awaken capacity. Pachamama earth mother. Hunuy to light integration. Chant.

kanchay munay pachamama hunuy means light love earth united. Willing to be transparent, empty, vulnerable. Presence that can receive yet never be reactive. Being a hollow bone. Flute, wind sound for spirit to play. Inner vision. See the light of a person to know everything about them.

Links (2015) Near water. Sun shines into moon the mind bringing unconscious to light. 3HO Yogi Bajan video surround meditations. exhale. to start. exhale to end. transformation, change and new beginnings. 444 hz sound meditation. astrology. moon = mother and emotions. sun= masculine and ego. Like a Women's March on the solar system. Eclipse Meditation Ritual transformation. Bring white candle, salt, pure water, incense, paper pieces and pen. Salt water for ritual bath. Affirm ready and open. Sit in front of altar. Ground growing roots from spine into earth core. Light candle. Write ideas of transformation with affirmation supporting your goal. Write barriers and release. Burn the papers. Bury ashes in earth. This is the best so far. Direct connection to galactic center. But times are different they say the max eclipse moment is 1:11 CST. That is 30 minutes early. Here is a link to English video.

Looking N from kiosk N Looking N from kiosk N

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