8-07 Full Moon8-08 moon8-08 over Gulf of Mexico8-10 moon 8-13 closeup 8-13 pink clouds high sky 8-18 stars and moon scene 8-19 moon8-19 full sky over DLSP with Venus over moon8-20 day before new moon8-10 moon and Venus over inoutfall, the connection of lake and sea

Timespace portal from 8-07 full moon through 8-20 almost new moon

Solar Eclipse 2017 images - Portal

The lunar eclipse of 8-07 was visible over India and related countries. Ancient astrology of the east suggested the alignment was a portal of transformation peaking in the solar eclipse of 8-21. Photos above show the moon on the beach at the park on several mornings during that period. Keeping moonwatch. Tracking progress. Countdown.

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