On the way to the beach in Deer Lake State Park, FL, watch the 15 minutes up to and including the maximum partial eclipse of the sun as projected on the ground through tree leaves in tiny images of the crescent sun. At 30 seconds long, the video is speeded up 3000 times. People flash past on the path. The cricket sound (not speeded up) is about 7 minutes before max, when it stops short. The crickets stayed silent until abruptly starting up again about half an hour later.

Solar Eclipse 2017 images - seen

Adventuring with the solar eclipse of 2017-08-21. During the eclipse, clouds thinned, the temperature cooled, and we enjoyed a breeze in the 80°F+ humid heat of a Florida afternnon.

Crescents' Crescents. Still photo from the video above.

Crickets Crickets. Audio waveform of cricket chorus up to seven minutes before the elipse maximum, when it stopped short for about 37 minutes. After that it started up at full volume.

Dunes Dunes. Comparision of the light at 1PM vs the light at 1:38 (eclipse maximum). It is difficult to know how much of the slight darkening was from the shadow of the moon and how much was from the cloud cover.

Sprouted lentils Sprouts. Red lentils soaked overnight and sprouted during the day of the eclipse. Note a few green growing sprouts but most are germinating with only slightly emerging sprout tips appearing.

Between forest and sand dunes by the Gulf of Mexico, a bush emanating sharp knocking sounds revealed a brown thrasher bird. It was shortly before the partial solar eclipse began.

The Eclipser glasses

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