Earth is directly ahead of the sun on it's path around the center of the galaxy

Earth is directly ahead of the sun on the sun's path around the center of the galaxy

Year 2015 new moon 4 at the Advance equinox

The sun zooms around the center of the galaxy (see arrow on the racetrack in image for the direction). The earth zooms around the sun counter-clockwise (see "You are here" icon on Earth's orbit, the blue circle). In March on the equinox, the earth is directly ahead of the sun on the sun's path. This year, in 2015, the new moon was in the lineup, between you and the sun (see moon icon on the looping white orbit).

Plus, this year the new moon is a supermoon with total eclipse of the sun, meaning near perfect alignment of sun, moon, earth and you (maybe). Also, consider that new moon 1 at the Outer solstice in December was a new moon, too. Full moon 4 is a day before the Easter holiday.

Let's take these two weeks, from March 20 - April 4 to allow moon magic orbiting from the equinox alignment to the full moon 4 alignment, carrying forth the force of advancing energies.

For more about naming the equinoxes and solstices, see Advance equinox 2013. See also a short video of the moons around the equinox that includes a clip of a turtle with nose out of water, a metaphor for getting a breath of fresh galaxy.

Breath of fresh galaxy

Getting a breath of fresh galaxy

Moon 4

Three images show the sequence of the celestial season. (1) March 5 full moon 3. (2) March 20 new moon 4 4:39 a.m. CDT and Advance equinox 22:45 UT or 5:45 p.m. CDT. (3) April 4 full moon 4 at 7:07 a.m. CDT.

full moon 3 new moon 4 Advance equinox full moon 4

Note: NOT to scale. The sun, moon, earth, and galaxy all have different sizes and different distances from each other. Positions are relative to each other.

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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