Solstice and equinox names Advance equinox in the annual cycle of earth's trip around the sun

Earth rotates CCW around the sun. Sun rotates CCW around the Galactic Center

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Advance equinox 2013

Since the 2012 shift happened, we've expanded our horizons galactically. The quarterly events are now not just oriented to the seasons between earth and sun, but between earth, sun and galaxy. Join global meditations on March 20 at 11:02 UTC.

So maybe call them the advance and follow equinox and the inner and outer solstice. That would get us beyond the problem of March being spring in the north of earth and fall in the southern hemisphere. At the March equinox we are directly ahead of the sun as it spins around the galactic center. So call it something like the front or advance equinox.

At the June solstice we are between the sun and galactic center, side by side with the sun's movement. Call it the inner solstice. In September earth is behind the sun, trailing the spin. Call it the follow equinox. In Deccember we're between sun and outer edge of galaxy, again side by side. Call it the outer solstice.

I studied the celestial sphere and our relationship to the solar system and galaxy some years ago. So far I haven't found conflicting info. Let me know if I've got it wrong.

This picture is a "sand angel" I found on the beach this week, made by someone lying down, waving arms and legs. Like I did as a child, on snow. A magical trace, an appropriate gesture marking a moment in time.

sand angel

See weB log for an idea to change Wholeo new year to the Advance equinox. As of December 18, I plan to keep the Outer solstice new year.

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