Portholes schematic - top and side

Portholes schematic showing cone from top and cone from side

Carolyoga - Woman's Kundalini Through the Porthole

Go to space station and look through the porthole for 90° view of the breathing,which we looked at from the side in the previous video. Here are journal notes about the idea.

3-18 What if I started with the intelligence I'm headed towards and work back.

4-20 Walking barefoot outdoors in Point Washington State Forest (PWSF), switched to pearl step, pearl pearl step. Feels so good out here, reconnecting everything through feet. Vision of WK breathing practice. Started out thinking into drops underfoot, breathe out to star above. Mostly see that from the side. Cone up to original mind. Looks like a mirror from the side.

Thinking more and more about the NASA video of earth from porthole in the International Space Station. In some way I got this round viewer, as if being in an infinity space station. That's original mind. Which I see blank. Seeing cross sections of sphere space, as if in flatland. Then I breathe down, through an undefined cone, narrowing down to the star. Widening down yellow rays of cone to magenta hood arcs. Breathing in streaming drops, down to drops at the bottom. Then when breathing out, there are brain cells, expanding with light emitting tetrahedrons to wholeOOspheres. In sphere space some of the lights are fringing right out beyond the edge of the circle. Back through the magenta hood, yellow cone to star space. All the wigglys (twisties like in birth painting) surround original mind, with clouds coming off of them. So there are all allspace bottom and top. But the breathing tunnel, star to drops, is dark all around the tunnel, channel.

4-26 This moment when writing this, that discrepancy applies to the kundalini streaming flow visualization. I've been doing it flat, frontally. First I had the cone from the side and straightened it up frontally so I wouldn't have to diagram the turning 90 at the neck. But I had that vision on a hike of looking at it through a round porthole, in time seeing flat slices of the movement through space. It is very similar in that a round space orthogonal to the flat frontal is the solution. Well, it wasn't a solution, it was a different way of looking at something. An alternative that I'd like to visualize, that might give a better sense of the process. I'm trying to project a process.

4-28 I got one visionary idea for a graphic of the porthole. It could be transparent to all the stages. So the background is twisties, feminine vibes and the allover drops ground, mixed together. The porthole has drops, cone, hood, brain cells (slices?), dots (streams), sparkle star, star center. Of course it can be a single Photoshop file with transparent layers. Then in a movie animate them. I'm just getting aware of the problems though. How recognize a twistie from the top. Unless do of perspective kind of image. Not cross-section but looking spacially from top to bottom.

4-29 Got some visions of the view of the porthole from feminine vibes. First the dark colors. Gradually it transparentizes and the twisties come into view followed by the opening to the porthole. As it becomes stronger the twisties somewhat fade but eventually surround the porthole. The progression is increasing depth of view, the successive layers building in the port hole. Not sure if they all become sharp, right down to the drops. Or another way, looking down the tube is a progression, where the near become blurred and progressively more transparent, so there is a preview of each layer, down to the bottom. But that is the same as going there, right? When at the drops do I somehow turn around? And progress back up? I suppose that's what parallels the breathing. One thing seemed apparent, that the expanding TLMs (Tetrahedronal Light Muscles) radiate light outside the breathing streams, not seen before in the sideways view of breathing.

5-10 Another WK movie could start out in the beyond with feminine vibe colors. A title and cast of characters might scroll down. A circle like a porthole opens in the middle showing a preview of kundalini access from above. Gradually, as if becoming binocular, it separates into two circles. The right circle turns into a side animation of Woman's Kundalini breathing in, all the way to drops at ground below. The left circle looks straight down at cross-sections of the process unfolding on the right. These ideas are so good and so hard to implement.

5-13 Walking barefoot in the forest got a left porthole idea. It was to look down at drops underfoot. They would look like consciousness symbols, or a bed of nails if manage to get 3D feeling. Another idea like the porthole from the top that is able to be sensed but doesn't work visually. Or I should say that I can't yet imagine how to show it. But I will try.

5-28 Maybe this porthole on the left can be a different point of view, not necessarily 90. It can be tilted from the top. Suddenly aware of the hugeness of the job of porthole. It has taken more than four months to develop a rough approximation of Woman's Kundalini. Probably would or will take that long to do a view from above. Also, remember that the kernel seed for that idea sprang from wanting to see from the solar plexus, not look at myself from outside. See interior, unified. Not exterior, fragmented.


This is a start to the list which is incomplete and preliminary, pending development of the video. See Storyboard.

Feminine vibes porthole opening Feminine vibes port hole opening

Woman's kundalini feminine vibes from beyond and before the Big Bang Woman's kundalini feminine vibes from beyond and before the Big Bang

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