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Carolyoga - Woman's Kundalini to wholeOOsphere

Puzzling over relating drops to brain cells, that is, the synergy of 5 brain cells that I call a wholeOOsphere (wOs). Saw a drop energy hit a pentagon. Splat into info vibes on impact. Wow. Seems that one drop could then be known by all other 11 pents. In general, one drop to one face on EIEnor is shared by the whole including five cells. The vision answered the question of how it gets stored (like any brain cell, in memory banks, beads). Eventually when all five cells synergize response it can be gathered.

One part of the vision is that the computer creativity of the rose-magenta background and the flashy colors around the drop colors is triggered when drop begins communication. Like a firework or boom of rosiness and flashes of bright colors to explode impact.

Then there's the question, how does it merge with what the brain cell had to start with. Every partial explanation I get opens up to a deeper question. I never get there. Is that what life is supposed to be like, this sequential adventure? Wholeo Dome closed up, got done and people like that. Brain insights are like one little panel in Wholeo Dome. Nobody can see the conglomerate.

Note that pents are the parts that connect to each brain cell. I assume that each solid communicates with its parts, as a whole, even though those parts are separated in visual space. So each cubical brain cell is a whole, even though its sides don't appear to touch. Same with the dodecahedron. Note I still don't have any functioning for the icosahedron, which is the light muscle (or plural).

Later I got the sense that the gathered reply might go up the stem of the drop to the point. Thinking about how vibes travel from drop to wOs (wholeOOsphere) and the gathered reply from wOs to drop. For return I saw the black hole halo starting at a point at the bottom of the drop and then traveling up the girth of the drop in widening rings. Gradually tapering to the point of disappearance at the top. Fetching.

I know so little about this thing that today's visual has to be poetic suggestion. Is not factual documentation.

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