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Web Visitor runestory interpretation.

I see runesigns along a spiral path that reads from outside to within and back out again. The spiral starts from the outside with the harvest/female bone' runesign, in dark grey. This says that what is to be gathered is unconscious or still unknown but is of the widest scope, since it is located in the background. Runesigns linking the ground to the the outer circle are disruption/guidance and growth/fighting (passing through self/female bone close to fertility/completion) and joy/beyond bone, leading to initiation/unity. The spiral passes through the inner circle via strength/peacemaker to wind up with opening/vagabond in the center. That is the area of expanded consciousness or 5D consciousnes.

After I form a story from the elemental runesigns, I translate or smooth it into a better story. Usually there are many stories, but I choose the one with "heart," the one that suits the moment. One is: harvest healing through work evolving your inner self and the joy of color healing initiation by resolving to open to expanded 5D consciousness. The 5 pentagons reaffirm this reading.

Reading the spiral out again, the story could be: open 5D consciousness brings initiation to joy of your evolving self, growing and following difficult guidance for unknown gains.

This story is for Web visitors who are willing to stay and read this information and open their minds to different ways of looking at themselves and finding meaning.

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