Color healing and beyond

Before the Maori came to New Zealand from the mythical land of Hawaiki, it is said a race of giants lived there. The story goes on that the land was covered with the primeval rainforest and people dwelling there were close kin of the trees. In New Zealand now, the spirit of long-living kauri trees inspired this color healing section. I called him KauriK, the kauri kachina.

This section will expand to many explorations of color healing, rune casting, and interactive color weather. This is a modest start.

Today there's a way to color cycle a rune casting. If your browser is JavaScript enabled, see Kauri Kachina color healing change. (While a 100K background graphic downloads, you view the healing. Then you can step to next or previous pictures or watch an auto-changing display.)

Try the Color Weather program

Try it .

Interact with 3D color healing space

The first color healing space based on the QTVR "whirld" appeared September 21, 1998. That is in preparation to catch color vibes at the moment of the equinox the next day.

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