Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta and Grey Butte
Why Mt. Shasta? It is a singular mountain in northern California, USA. At about 14,162 feet above sea level, it rises about 10,000 feet above its surroundings. What does it mean to you? It's where the earth has bubbled out so I can get closer to its innards. It is where the earth has aspired to heights I can reach and remember my ascent. And it is an altar, with a sense of holiness in its very being. Gray Butte is a small peak on the south side of Mt. Shasta, up from Panther Meadow and the end of the highway up the mountain. It is a fine place to visit and pay respects to Mt. Shasta.

Mt. Shasta was the first high mountain my son climbed. We did it together, with my sister, in 1975. For me it was the first and last high mountain climb. That special breath of fresh air from the top has lasted a lifetime. I remember it each day when doing the yoga poses and spiritual exercises that came to me as we camped halfway down, on the side of Mt. Shasta. (See them in the book Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People, on page 8.)

Here's a panoramic view of the picture shown above. You need QuickTime to see it. On a trip in 1993, this carolyoga color gathering from snow sparkles happened at Panther Meadow. From there you see views of Gray Butte and Mt. Shasta.

See also Mt. Shasta from Gray Butte and Mt. Shasta, a ritual space. For more about what this site means to Wholeo, see Gaia Point. Local information: 2016 website for Mt. Shasta Wilderness. 2016 website for Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce and their Visit Mt. Shasta page.

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