snow sparkles

Carolyoga - Special, gathering colors from snow sparkles

On 7-2-93 I was camped out on the snow in Panther Meadow, looking at Gray Butte and Mt. Shasta in the morning sun. I wrote:

I'm gathering jewel/prana colors from snow crystals, quite a taxing task. Move head slowly to vary over rainbow span. Has to be at the right angle. Front seems to be always white. Actually a great task.

whiteClick either picture to see a larger version and catch sparkles. It is easier to see the colored sparkles in the dark or by almost closing your eyelids.


7-8-93 wrote:

Take the colored light beams gathered from the snow at Panther Meadow and see it in straight color (vs. radiant color). I can work with the color to establish it in some way. Somehow I'm feeling there is a partnership with spiritual entities going on. It has always been there but I'm expanding myself to be able to expand all of us. Take the straight color parts and bring them to the cell spirits.

Coming together of shards. Each color comes from Whole. We should always feel the whole speaking. Betweens speak of wholeness.

See a Colored Light Being that appeared. See an interactive version in choosing colors for the Elobeing design MET.
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