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Elobeing MET color choices

The Elobeing exhibit in the Hall of Ice starts in the center of the Elobeing. From there the staff finds the interface. MET color choices is movie 2 in the Noint Joint to MET series. As the colored C-twist MET forms at Noint Joint nodes, someone must choose colors. The movie ends in dynamic pulse, ready to evolve. (See full window movie.)

There are five scene parts in this movie.

  1. The dark and light MET transforms to a melting yellow MET, inviting your click.
  2. Zooming in to a snowy mountain scene. As a human, you choose colors in earth terms. For background see the Mt. Shasta scene and a CLB.
  3. Color sparkle choices appear as your eye scans snow crystals in morning light.
  4. Color choosing. Explained on the info page here and in the movie.
  5. Back at the Noint Joint, see the colors up close, return to scene 4, or continue to the climax.

Before, How 2, and After

Follow the hand (prev) to the previous movie.

buttons At the bottom of the movie, click the
i, Start, Back, Pause, Play, or Jump button. (Invisible until mouse is over.) Click i for information. The Jump button pops up a menu of scene parts:

Over menu1. Highlight menu2. Click menu3.
Choose the scene part that you want or close the menu. Next movie () shows where this is going. See a map, to get an overview of the exhibit. The hand in the icon (lower right) shows where you are.

Noint Joint to MET

This is the second in a series of movies.
  1. C twist sections form.
  2. Choosing colors (this movie).
  3. MET color EIE.

get flash icon Flash 5 plug-in is required. The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops in the exhibit.

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