Mt. Shasta - Panther Meadow July 1993

Mt. Shasta and Grey Butte
In July, 1993, I headed to camp on Gray Butte on the south side of Mt. Shasta, up from Panther Meadow. That year it was snowed in. I drove to Bunny Flat and parked. At that time, snowmobiles were allowed to desecrate Mt. Shasta. Large, low, flatbed trucks hauled the snowmobilers and their vehicles up the highway. I trudged alongside with pack and water and even hitched a ride part way. Panther Meadow was beyond the machines. The trail to Gray Butte was lost. The snow had melted on a couple of small islands of earth. I camped at one in the middle of the meadow.

The photo on this page shows Mt. Shasta in the afternoon. Turning to the right, see Gray Butte. Notice some trees broken by the winter snow storms. Looking down, see a rock garden where some of Leo Geary's ashes rest in peace. The next morning, see wondrous snow sparkles.

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