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6 circles These pages are to give flight to your imagination. A 5D brain cell is basically a puffed, expanded dodecahedron. Look at the rainbow-colored parts and 6 great circles of this one. This is the framework of what I call an EIE.

Now go inside. This is a 3D mandala. You are centered at your point of view, but with evolutionary 5D vision, you see in a sphere around your point of view. See a panorama with an evolutionary EIEball.

The link above takes you to a multiple data rate movie that chooses for you based on your connection speed. For more information, see QuickTime settings. It tells how the settings work and how to change them. If you would rather explore the movies directly, try this page.

Encircling is a photo wrapped around. See the background without the EIE. It is flat, but doesn't have all the EIE stuff in the way.

flat movie source picture The focus of consciousness is separated or wholeoed from the energy orb in the middle. The actual seeing is not a focus point. Our seeing is stereo, which gives us depth perception. But this new seeing is spherical. Even though I can't get beyond needing a "point of view", I can see that as moving on the surface of a 3'-6' sphere (more or less) expanded from around the current focus. As I spin the pano, I see through the center point toward the vista beyond. It is like seeing with eyes all around your head.

The 6 circles of the evolutionary EIEball form 5-sided pentagons and 3-sided triangles. The circles are:

  1. red
  2. blue
  3. yellow
  4. green
  5. magenta
  6. black (around the middle)

central nodes and orbThe black mask that stands in the middle pushes you away from the center. Possibly it gives a deeper sense of receptivity. Since it is fixed and the background spins around you, you are the center, but you have depth perception within yourself.

I could call this movie "Centering" because the dynamic balance focuses on the turning point, which is your perception. Maybe having a viewer that stays still, like glasses frames, would fix the attention.

Credits: * photos © Leo Geary 1992. Graphics © Caroling 1998. All rights reserved.

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