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Creating a color healing pano -- Photoshop steps

For the equinox, September, 1998, I took part in a global QuickTime VR project. Here are the Photoshop steps. For the main process, see Creating a color healing pano.
  1. Photoshop. Modify SC export for QTVRAS. Open the base {Currently This has graphic elements that aren't yet implemented in SC . Maybe always open the orig and save as for specific healing.} This part is very hard, demanding artistic skill and labor.
  2. In Photoshop Make map file like 6circles6fP1map.jpg for web page. Also a 1.75" thumbnail maybe. Optional animated gif from the tiles.
If could streamline Photoshop using an action, that would speed it up. Actually, first do the better rounding of runes in SC. Then make the Photoshop frame some kind of alpha track. Add labels in there too. So all that I have to do is bring new colors to existing movie?
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