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WWP907 - Deer Lichens to Eat, Litter, and Evolve

Deer lichens are called "deer moss" locally and deer eat them for sustenance. See this external link of a deer eating deer moss. People litter wherever they go with packaging of whatever sustains them, such as food, drink, or toys. Envisioning multiple symbiosis with deer lichens and evolutionary beings sustains my imaginative quest. This section is my Wholeo entry in the World Wide Panorama (WWP) September 2007 event, with the theme "Sustenance", opening 2007, October 8. This page describes the project and location, giving details and links.

Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated).

Panoramas: small (650 KB), medium (2 MB), and large (10 MB). Medium and large link to full-window versions.

Description of hotspots in the panoramic movie

Start of evolutionary forms, core of Tetrahedron

tetrahedron coreSee the Flash introduction to for a different expression of the evolutionary forms spread across the middle of this panorama. This is a major theme on this website. The sequence starts in the east with the core of a tetrahedron, a primitive form. Double tetrahedrons spin through the center (representing ordinary consciousness). Going west, five tetrahedrons join in the icosahedral and dodecahedral forms that follow (representing 5D or expanded consciousness. See Evolutionary Elobeing).

Garbage item, how many can you find?

See litter in lichen-land for a picture of the garbage items I found littered in the panoramic scene.

Deer lichens, at least three species of lichens

See a close-up picture including three different kinds of lichens. The presence of deer lichen shows there is little pollution and the air quality is sustainable.


UAUIntroduced and explained on this page.

UAUorbs or Uo

UAUorbIntroduced and explained on this page.

Evolutionary Elobeing

ElobeingIn 2007 I became aware of a symbiotic relationship with the evolutionary Elobeing and deer lichen via UAUs, reported in the movie Multiple Symbiosis. See Elobeing cross-references.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear cactus
The Prickly Pear cactus can bear edible fruit. See

Pine cone

Pine cone

The seeds in pine cones, pine nuts, are food for squirrels, birds and possibly people. See In Florida, dead pine needles are called pine straw. It is widely used as a ground cover and mulch around existing plants to retain moisture and prevent weeds from taking root. That helps sustain the landscape.

Saw Palmetto

saw palmetto

People get herbal medicine and wildlife gets food from the berries. For information, see and follow the link for the main article. See also Saw palmetto extract.



Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 30° 18' 18.5" N
Longitude: 86° 4' 22.5" W
Elevation: 20 feet

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