deer lichens, 3 kinds

WWP907 - Litter in Deer Lichen Land

This picture shows details of a QuickTime panorama in the World Wide Panorama (WWP) September 2007 event, with the theme "Sustenance", opening 2007, October 8. In the graphic above, I collected garbage littered around the site. It includes a plastic bottle, sieve, various alluminum scraps and cans, and crumpled plastic sheeting. People remove the contents of these containers, which is sustenance in the form of food or drink. They discard the wraps. All packaging that is not recycled becomes litter or garbage and threatens the sustainability of the planet. Or at least it imperils life as we know it on this planet. This year a global concert series called "Live Earth" tried to expand awareness of the issues involved in sustainability. The liveEarth website is an ongoing project.

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