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Millennium: Between Lookout and Lookin, an exhibit of landscapes linked in your mind's eye. Click this button to pop up a window with the panoramic envisionings.

You are at the millennium or planning for it. Ahead is living growth, behind is the debris of the past. You would like to be in two places at once. In your mind's eye you are at the Lookout tower in New Zealand, yet simultaneously you explore the magic of the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel. Inner and outer worlds, joined side by side.

Alternately, you focus consciousness far and near.

The Lookout is wet, green, growing fast, new, alive, down low by ocean. Plants spring upright as far as the eye can see. Lookout reality is objective, shared. Outer. Potential resource. Tourists, foresters, naturalists are interested in the value of this property.

The Bristlecone Medicine Wheel is dry, brown, not growing, old, dead, up high by mountaintops. Recumbent. Up close. These former Bristlecone trees lived longer than any other living things, around 4,000 years, then were felled. The tree resources are gone, but the remaining logs are spent, discarded, useless. Now the reality is subjective, personal. Inner. A seeker, artist finds the value of this vision.


Here are small photos used in the panoramas. They are the "media" that have been mixed.


Here are small still views linked to three panoramas. This is the same page that the Look out/in button pops up in a separate window, but this link stays in this window.

I like the way QuickTime Virtual Reality, QTVR, panoramas bring a round, centered space to the flat square world of computer screens, windows, and frames.

See the QTVR path for a complete listing of my panoramas.

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