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The basic idea is a sight-seeing trip to the real and imagined visions that have come to me centering in Owens Valley and the White Mountains in the eastern Sierra area of California, USA. I start on ground and end up flying, moving from literal reality, through the unfamiliar, to an expanded aerial view. This process is well-illustrated with an old Zen saying. "First there is a mountain. Then there is no mountain. Then there is." This is a poetic summary of the stages of enlightenment: before, during, and after. I use it as a metaphor for the process of change. Or how about an adventure, climbing a mountain? The adventure starts at the Bishop airport. There are three movies in this project. This is movie 1, the bottom.

First there is a mountain

You see the mountain. "What mountain" you say? Oh, that mountain, so what? We all see the mountain. Some have climbed it to the top. "I want to climb it now", you realize. What do you have to do? Colored Light Spirits (CLBs) appear to befriend you on your path. The colorful stack of symbols shows that you are moving toward Gaia Point. And off you go to scene 2, "Then there is no mountain".

See the QTVR path for a listing of my panoramas and use. See also a comparison with Owens Valley 100 years ago.

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