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Then There is a Mountain Again


Whirled exhibit

Not White Mountains

There are three movies in this project. This is movie 3, the top.

Then there is

You are at the peak. You see the mountain in a completely new way. My visions are:

A climber might be like this one:

He sees dark seallike clouds and is proud of himself for achieving the top. His body hurts but his awareness is up and up. This is about the only way he can get to a state of meditation. Eliminate all life entanglements and daily concerns by climbing solo. Eliminate attachment to earth beauties by climbing above trees, animals, to waving shadows of ice, wind, and snow, like dream elements. Eliminate the path by getting to the top. Now, a moment of peace. And the lure of the far, the need to be great, is stilled because of the sure knowledge that any other peak would be impossible to climb within the day. So there's nothing to juggle. It is OK to have nothing here. Then, what dreams may come?
See the QTVR path for a listing of my panoramas and use.
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