Bristlecone Expansion of Consciousness Teacher

Struggling to accept the worst tragedy of my life, I saw the Expansion of Consciousness Teacher in a vision, high in the White Mountains in the Ancient Bristlecone Forest of California. The teacher looks like a Flyby, that has wings and a central disk. But the teacher's disk features an Elodrop in the center, like an eye (see Face). The wings usually arch down. And the wingtips are especially focused.

<IMG SRC="../../Travel/NZ/RRafts/movies/expCons.gif" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=82 usemap="#expCons" BORDER=0>


NZ vision On a flight in New Zealand. In Then There Is, the third movie in the Not White Mountains series. At the Great Spirit Stone Poem wheel. (The teacher appears in several movies of this series.) The teacher is a root in the design of an evolutionary being.


teacher face

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