Wingtips, from Caroling's journal

In early August, 1998, a web email list member of the Spiritweb interdimension group asked, what does "wingtips" signify? It came up in her dream. Here is all I have on wingtips. These are notes on visions from my journal.

9/24/92 Picture of wing tipt figure.


He found 2 wing tips, gradually soft butterfly gathers energy and flies on.

9/25/92 Expansion of consciousness teacher at Bristlecone Forest:



10/11/92 In carolyoga dipped wingtips in the dark and drew it up each tip aways. Then pulled tips up and out splitting the dark in half and so raising zapped it off the tips begone.

7/1/94 he extends 2 wingtips to mine in wingtip shake


1/2/95 .

Have I lost the story. The ring is composed of stars. They exude wingtip flyers (the two-wings on disk, simple, afterdeath types) that fly towards me beneficently. Then the horizon line becomes emphasized and exudes too. Within the mountain are a pair of dark eyes. Out come dark fliers that are managed with the horizon.

11/29/95 Must unfurl wingtips of parapente (ears). Also the wingtips' strings very important.

4/6/96 Then after expressing that I saw a take off into warp burst with the wingtips. But this all around, just like an energy release.

8/26/96 I can see them as Cygnus wingtips and head. {Cygnus refers to the constellation called the swan or northern cross. Two stars that form the tips of the wings (past the ends of the cross), I call the "wingtips".}


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