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Cosmic lineup, December 21, 1998 - Reach out


Call it empathy. Picture reach out as an aspect of aura normally hovering between your liver, heart, and lungs. It is your instinct, gut feeling, the sensor of intuition. It might be what leaves your body in an out-of-body experience. It might be an agent of telepathy. As curiousity, it is full of life and adventure. It might be a psychic level, in constant movement, keeping you in dynamic balance. As such, it is an important factor in your alignment.

Sit facing the sun. It is lined up with the center of the galaxy and the center of the earth. Breathe out completely. Open your inner eye.

The source graphic for the reach out is from Leo Geary's business card. I often call it an Eloorb.


glass panelglass panelBut look how it relates to the earlier Triangulation panel in Wholeo, the stained glass dome. See the Book of Wholeo for details. A Reach Out is one of the symbols of Gaia Point and is part of the evolutionary design of the Elobeing. Here it is going round with another elemental form (3bc).

<img src="../../../../Trips/Imagine/Evolution/design/elobeing/exhibit/topics/stage/images/orb23bc.gif" width=90 height=45 usemap="#orb23bc" border=0>

See it in a movie: Colored light spirit nature freeing, part of Shower Transforms. It appeared again in visions: 2013 April

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