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Caroling -- Solstice December 1998

Inner eye model Where I live, 5:56 PM PST, December 21, 1998 is the time of the winter solstice. See scene, events, QTVRs, galaxy views, or meditation. The model to the right is a link to explore the inner eye geodesy of 31 great circles. Scene graphic is the overview. For details and more graphics, see elements. Transceiver graphic links to signaling. Everything about this site is metaphorical and is not to be understood as scientific or technical truth. For example, some say the solstice is at 5:43, but 13 minutes difference does not matter. Also, if the sun is 5 degrees below the exact center of the galaxy, that's close enough for me. It is relatively close. The point is to open up to your own truth.

Open scene earth core orb
Scene Transceiver

Solstice events

The December solstice in 1998 is an exciting time. Planning starts in late October. Surfing the web, I found some fascinating information about the next few years. It is related to how the earth wobbles on its axis over a period of 26,000 years. That is called the precession of the equinoxes. During the years spanning the change of the millennium, the earth is aligned to the galaxy in a special way. That is inspiring. I am not in a position to judge or verify this information. I am grateful for the connection. I find resonant information is springing up within me. For me, action focuses at the December solstice and then again in June. At both times, the centers of the earth and sun are generally lined up the with center of the galaxy. That's a powerful alignment. Here are many links to current global events on other sites.

Visions in the round

QuickTime Virtual Reality, QTVRs, are a series of color healings, on now. You are inside the healing, looking through the grid of the opened inner eye, beyond to the stars of the celestial sphere.

Galaxy views

Here are QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas and other graphics that look around at the celestial sphere.


Meditation space.

See Wholeo Galactic.

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