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Eye of Gaia -- transceiving

This is an art page, looking from the eye of Gaia point to the core of the galaxy. As the core transmits, I receive. As I transmit, the core receives. In this process, the core of the galaxy functions as an superorganic transceiver.

earth core orb
Popup a small transceiver window with signals coming and going. Mix with the carrier wave. If the browser cuts off the graphic, close the little popup window. Here is an alternative new window with the graphic, where you size the window yourself.

For the digitally turned-on and pixel-acceptant viewer, try a full-window explosion of the transceiver.

Interact with views in a QTVR: Earth, Celestial sphere, Galaxy core transmission. See QuickTime. For background on how this area (both geographic and metaphoric) relates to Wholeo Online see the Gaia point page. For December 1998 solstice, see cosmic lineup.
core orb
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