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Caroling -- Solstice December 1998, source information

Inner eye model Where I live, 5:56 PM PST, December 21, 1998 is the time of the winter solstice. This page gives source information as background to the solstice page.

Surfing the web, I found some facinating information about the next few years. On this page I introduce the original link. Another page lists the ones that follow. I'm finding more all the time.

Original find

The original link that I found described and event and ways to celebrate it. From now until after the change of the millennium, we are 90 degrees to the galactic core. The information suggests visualizations and 10 equinox meditations to celebrate this momentous occasion.

I am not in a position to judge or verify this information. I am grateful for the connection. I do not know how my work fits the picture in the information at

I like the geometry on a galactic scale, related to consciously. I resonate to the blue star from the center of the galaxy. I know nothing about Hunab Ku or Ophanic intelligence. I feel that the solstice lineup is valuable rather than the equinox, which is another 90 degrees away from the axis. I'm not sure if I'll focus on this for more than one season. My knowledge of the Tree of Life is not deep. I'm called to prepare some visualizations to help us see or imagine the lineup. Luckily the guidance said that opening to the moment is the most important factor.

More finds

Here is more supporting information:

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