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In 1981, on a trip to South America, I stayed at a large old inn in Sorata, Boliva. It is between the high Andes mountains in Peru and the jungles of Brazil. I had a dream about Rosenquist's artists. They were his inspiration and guidance. I sat in a beautiful old garden patio and drew all five of the artist/guides. The others are Mircolo, Rosario, Volcan, and Totora.

Jim (or James) Rosenquist is from Minnesota, a little older than me. He studied with the same teacher at the U of Minnesota (Cameron Booth). Jim went to NY and became a billboard painter. He became rich and famous as a POP artist of very large paintings. In 1999, he told me he had just finished painting a huge ceiling in Europe somewhere, like the Sistine Chapel. His art uses ordinary images but puts them together so poetically that they are divine. Or can be, if you tune into them at that level.

Oriana appears in this QuickTime 3 movie "Then There is". It is part of the series, "Not White Mountains".

This colored-pencil drawing is now in the collection of Frank and Georgiana Burt, for their meditation sitting room. Note: I have lost contact with the Burts. I have no contact information.

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