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Contemplating "Transportation", an abstract concept, I walk along the bike path beside a road. Going past the guard rail, I see damaged wood and avoid a big sliver. As I photograph the detail, I imagine the story of what happened.

A bicycler swerves to avoid an oncoming car, person, or bicycle, scraping the metal of the bicycle frame along the wood, raising a corkscrew pattern of the trauma. The accident leaves a slight trace of the effect of transportation. The car driver and bicycle rider zoom off at different speeds in different directions, oblivious of the tiny suspended life form that so narrowly missed destruction. See the cocoon in the shadows.

The drama of transportation hangs in the air - felt, suspected, but unseen. The spinning of spokes. The hubcap of tire. The dark secret unknown cocoon. Twists of wood and fate and change. That's what it's all about. There's an old saying that the moment of truth is "where the rubber meets the road". Here rubber tires spin on road and path, causing bike to hit wood. If I got it right.

From the elements of the story - bike, car, wood - I made a panorama that takes on a life of its own. I needed to describe the process, explain the genesis. A picture would help. I walked back to the site. In no time bicyclers and cars arrived on scene for the illustration, shown above. See how close the bicycle is to the guard rail? You can't see the damaged wood; the callout magnifies it and the arrow shows its location. Get the picture?


Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated). See the QuickTime VR (QTVR) panorama (500 KB) or a smalller alternative Java applet version. See also an explanation of how I made this panorama and motifs.

Happy September Equinox, 2006. On the season page, find links to related events of the day and other equinoxes. Most important is the World Wide Panorama project, with the theme of Transportation. See the World Wide Panorama page, Transportation and the WWP - Wholeo. This site is in Deer Lake State Park, Florida (just to the east of #8 on the map) and you can see guard railings in the panorama (WWP entry March, 2004).


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